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An amazing product, great taste, great for your health, refreshing, great on the digestive system, and multi-use. Not just for hot dogs. My favorite use is on salmon and salads. Thanks, Little Hot Dog Wagon.


Just found the perfect use for my @littlehotdogwagon slaw. I put it on top of my homemade chicken salad (chicken mixed with lots of bell peppers, shredded carrots and red cabbage). The slaw gave it that most delicious tang to this wrap. You have to get Dawn’s slaw from the Little Hot Dog Wagon!!! I’m going to try it on fish next!


This is the absolute best kraut, I’ve ever tasted! It’s great on everything and even by itself. I only wish it was sold in more places.


Not your usual sauerkraut. This stuff is amazing. Goes well on everything!


My cousin had some at a bbq she hosted and boy oh boy my taste buds started to have the Holy Ghost. This kraut is the absolute best I have ever tasted. The funny part is I said, “I don’t eat that”. My cousin said taste it. Wow to my surprise I loved it. Please try it

Akilah Forbes

COVID-19 Curbside Presentation was awesome. This kraut is simply amazing and versatile. A must-have.

Marion Taylor

I love this non-traditional kraut. Pleasantly surprised it’s sweet and zesty just as the owner, Dawn Demry states it is. Great on more than just hot dogs! I made sausages and it was amazing. I will bring to my family cookout and share on all the food. So glad I trusted her order. I will be ordering again and again. I have shared this product with my niece Mecca from Detroit, MI. Good job Dawn!

Joanne Braithwaite

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