Homemade All-Natural Kraut (Jars)



All-Natural Ingredients: Cabbage, Green Peppers, Onions, Pimientos, Sugar, Vinegar, Water.

The Little Hot Dog Wagon’s Homemade All-Natural Kraut has a unique blend of tangy, savory notes with a hint of yummy sweetness that delivers an unforgettable flavor that will make your taste buds sing.  Its unique combination of natural seasonings works well as a zesty, refreshing appetizer or side dish with your meals. Use it as an amazing flavor enhancer for your hot dogs (beef, vegan, turkey), veggie burgers, fresh wild-caught salmon, steak burgers, regular burgers, sausages, tacos, steaks, chops, cutlets, grilled chicken, seafood, vegetables, rice, and more.

One taste and your food experience will be forever changed as you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


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